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YouTube beating of a 16-year-old male

Jarrell Kershaw, 20, of New Britain was arraigned May 17 at New Britain Superior Court and is being held on a $100,000 bond for his involvement in a beating of a 16-year-old male that was later broadcast on YouTube.

Kershaw was charged with 2nd degree robbery, conspiracy to commit robbery, assault and larceny in the 2nd degree for his role in the assault in the Willow Street Park in March 2011.

The two beatings were taped by an unnamed female.  The first beating happened when the 16 year old arrived at the park being told his friends were meeting him, and a second after the female told him to return to the scene so they could apologize.

“The OSN (Oak Street [explicative]) gang members had to provide proof of a beat down in order to get initiated into the gang,” stated Bail Bondsman Richard Cyr.  Defending Attorney Deron Damian Freeman denied that it was gang affiliated and said Kershaw regrets being a part of it at all.

“I hope he realized it’s the wrong thing to do and is going down the wrong road, but ‘I’m sorry’ does little for the victims,” said the judge.

A friend of Kershaw describes him as someone who seemed to have a lot of things going for him.  He worked full-time, went to school, and had never been arrested before this incident took place.   “I can’t understand why he would want to do that,” she stated.  “He was such a mellow guy,” she said.

The victim did not press charges on his attackers.  Kershaw was arrested pursuant to a warrant.

Kershaw will not be released from custody.  The hearing is schedule for June 2, 2011.

~ Jaymi Harrison

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