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New Insurance for Athletes

Recently in the last week the popular Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) organization, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has made it official that starting on June 1 that all fighters will have insurance outside of when they fight paid for by the UFC. This can be read in this article. The UFC had already been paying for fighters insurance claims if they got hurt during a fight but had never covered them in the times leading up to fights. Now fighters won’t have to worry about the possibility that they will lose out on a lot of money if they get hurt before a fight and fear that without the money won’t be able to pay bills. Fighters had been known for going into fights already injured and not fighting up to their potential and the UFC is trying to make themselves more like the major sports organizations like NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL.

While the UFC is making moves forward and putting more of the weight on their backs professional wrestling company, World Wrestling Entertainment is making it mandatory for all of their wrestlers to have medical insurance. However the WWE isn’t going to be paying for the insurance for their wrestlers. They are making it mandatory for each of the wrestlers to have it but the insurance has to be paid by the wrestlers themselves. While this is something that is good for the sport you would think that an organization that has been around as long as the WWE that they would have had this already in the past and would be paying for their wrestlers expenses like this.

Jim Zacharias

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