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Are you rural enough ?

According to this article , ‘rural’ towns were eligible for government aid because they simply couldn’t fund sewer, water, and facilities projects on their own.
However, Washington is changing the definition of rural and it’s hitting close to home in Connecticut.
In 2009 Vernon and Bolton were scheduled to commence a $25 million dollar sewer project , but nearly $2 million dollars were yanked out the budget last minute thanks to these new rules.
State Rep. Joseph Courtney said that the definition of rural will be coming up this year when they discuss the Farm Bill in Washington.
The rough government guideline for rural is as follows:

Eligibility for government aid
for Sewage and Water Programs – Population: 10,000 or less

Eligibility for government aid
community facilities ( such
as libraries and hospitals) – Population: 20,000 or less

Eligibility for government aid
for small business development – Population : 50,000

Maybe towns who want to see some of the green stuff should start kicking people out ? For now towns in limbo still have to put up with leaky faucets, clogged toilets and first aid kits.

– Diego Vicente

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Hope for Interns!

They were starting to lose hope fast, but there is some light at the end of the tunnel for interns looking for full-time jobs.
According to this article ( which I read with tears of joy strolling down my face as I currently embark on my own internship journey) employers recruited more than half their interns for a full-time position, roughly 58% according to a recent survey.
The article also states that it’s the highest conversion rate from intern-to-staff since they started keeping track of it in 2001.
This is incredible news as it shows that internships could be a golden ticket to a full-time job. The survey also expressed that its not only the companies using more interns but that more interns are accepting full time positions, 86.5% in 2010, up from 83.5% in 2009.

For those of who decided to turn down a full-time job opportunity…shame on you.

– Diego Vicente

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New Budget Stings Students

by Chris Ezzo

One group of people who will be affected by the Gov. Dannel Malloy’s budget proposal are CCSU students, who will pay 2.5 percent more for tuition for the coming school year.

Tuition has increased at CCSU year after year and it’s really starting to cost students. Students will end up paying more tuition only for the college’s funding to get cut.

“The tuition increase is ridiculous because financial aid never gives you enough,” said Sarah McCartin, a Junior education major here at CCSU. “My parents are stretched really thin as it is, and I can’t get a loan by myself.”

Other students seem to be echoing the same feelings. Whitney Olsen, a CCSU sophomore, is frustrated as well.

“School is already so expensive, the last thing that students need is to pay more,” said Olsen. “College students are already broke as it is. If anything they should definitely try to find a way to lower it.”

Malloy’s Budget

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Example of a Commentary Blog Posting-Assignment

This article is written in a blog by Gary St. Lawrence who’s indentified under “Third Party & Independent” on this website. His blog is a good example of a commentary. His blog focuses around the current controversy over President Obama and how he is handling the issue of gas prices. He gives an analysis of the situation using quotes and information from news sources to break it down, that is presented from a specific and opinionated point of view.

-Molly P.

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Finding Serenity May Cost CT Residents

Recently, CT Governor Dannel Malloy issued his first tax proposal since taking office.  His plan is too essentially eliminate a small percentage of our state’s debt through a decrease in spending and an increase in taxes in several areas.  One of the areas proposed to receive a new tax is the health and fitness phenomena, yoga.

Yoga studios have been free of tax in CT for their entire existence.  Malloy’s proposal would lift all yoga studio’s current sales tax exemption and with the proposal also comes an attempt to increase CT’s current sales tax to 6.25%.

Many Hindu followers in CT are upset with the proposal.  In an article from the New Haven Register Rajeev Desai voices his opinion.

“We are not happy because yoga is good for health, it’s a good exercise to do and it’s unnecessary  to tax.”

Kevin Notine

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State Budget Proposals Will Affect EVERYONE!

By: Bryan Morales

Dan Malloy-current governor of Connecticut has suggested a plan to increase 1.5 billion dollars in tax increase as well as cutting back on many state provided programs in order to recover from this huge deficit that Connecticut is facing.

Malloy is looking for 1 billion in concessions from the state’s employee unions as part of his overall budget for the next two years to cut the state’s 3.3 billion dollars deficit.

Democrats Donovan and Williams said “They fully support Malloy’s budget that would cut almost 2 billion in spending and employee givebacks and 1.5 billion in new taxes.”

The new budget proposal will affect many people in the state. It will increase the age of retirement, make employee’s pay more in pension contributions, it will require one furlough day per month, reduce the work week up to 35 hours, increase employee health premiums, and increase prescription co-pays said in this article from the

Others like Jonathan Kantrowitz, a political activist also gave more information on Malloy’s 2011 budget proposal. Connecticut carries the highest public debt per capita of 50 states according to the Office of Fiscal Analyses said Kantrowitz.

“Massive layoffs may be necessary if no argument is reached,” said Kantrowitz.

Kantrowitz also said he is confident he can move the state out of trouble by spreading the pain broadly without inflicting much on any single constituency.

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Border Patrol

April 27, 2011 Comments off

Is Borders book store crossing the border on their ridiculous 200+ store closings? Maybe… but what’s a company to do when they file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy?!

With eight stores closing or about to close in Connecticut, bookworms are flocking to the state’s seven remaining locations to satisfy their novel and music needs.

Lisa Radler, 18,of West Hartford, said she frequents the Borders Farmington location bi-weekly. She even has a designated ” reading nook”, a small carpeted quiet area of the store, surrounded by a 15 foot wall of books… a perfect fort to keep out any unwelcomed visitors while deeply involved in her book.

” I come here to escape from school, stress… reality,” said Radler.

She’s greatful that the Farmington store has remained immune to the national closings, but she can see why.

” This place is crazy busy,” said Radler. ” If you come here on any given day between like 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. the coffee shop is full of people talking , reading, and working. I can’t imagine this place closing.”

However, Radler says the fear exists, and lets face it as much as we love getting packages from, no one likes to wait!

– Diego Vicente

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