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Partnerships in News Media

Phillip Junno
Four journalists from internet media outlets spoke at a panel yesterday hosted by NPR’s John Dankosky and discussed their thoughts on partnerships within news media. The discussion was held at CCSU.
The speakers all seemed to agree that there needed to be partnership and sharing among journalism outlets. Their websites all provide news stories to other websites, newspapers, and radio stations.
What was interesting about the conference was hearing the speaker’s thoughts on how to make an economically sustainable online news source. Doug Hardy, the business manager for CT News Junkie, spoke about how essential it is to partner with other media providers in order to be successful financially. Hardy was the only speaker representing a for profit website. CT News Junkie is mostly funded by ad revenue and donations from readers. “The more beneficial partnerships you make, the faster you’ll grow,” Hardy said.
Hardy also spoke about how newspapers are an economically driven business model that is mostly buoyed by ad revenue.
Jim Cutie, the CEO of CT Mirror agreed that good journalism is worth paying for. “Journalists need to be compensated for the work they do,” said Cutie. The CT Mirror is a non-profit organization which gets funds by selling sponsorships, partnering with other media outlets, and through donations.
The two other speakers, Mike Webb and Lynne Delucia, are both members of organizations that provide investigative journalism to other news outlets. Webb is the communications director of the website Propublica and Delucia is a journalist for the Connecticut Health Investigative Team. Propublica is funded through several grants and CHIT is funded by the newspapers it contributes to as well as through grants.
Propublica is an interesting organization because it provides its news absolutely free to places where their stories will be the most relevant and have an impact.

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