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What Happens In Vegas…

What happens in Vegas isn’t all that great apparently because wedding rates are ungodly low according to this article.

Nevada wedding professionals are insisting that it’s not the decreasing popularity in Vegas weddings , but rather the poor economy that’s to blame. Clark County ( which includes Vegas) clerk Diana Alba said that marriage goes in and out of fashion and that at this very moment marriage is not in. I’m sure this enticing offer was hard to turn down:

“In the most popular package, the bride can roll down the aisle in a vintage 1964 pink Cadillac driven by an Elvis Presley-lookalike. That package starts at $777.”

And of course who wouldn’t want an ordained minister dressed as Alice Cooper to guide you through your wedding vows. Tempting.

But I have to acknowledge a Pew Research poll that showed that marriage is in decline amongst all groups not just in these marriage shacks scattered throughout the desert. In the 1960’s when flowered vans ruled the roads, nearly two-thirds of 20- somethings were married according to the article. But only 26 percent in 2008.

I just think it means we’re getting smarter

– Diego

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Fear of Satan Proves Good for the Economy!

Of course self motivation and general interest in being a productive member of society wouldn’t be the main reason people strive to lead successful lives. In fact, it is the fear of an after-life and potentionally burning in hell that really has people working hard! In this article from The Boston Globe, researchers prove that people who have a strong belief in Hell, are actually more determined to do better financially during their lifetime. People who believe in hell feel that their actions such as following the law, working hard, and bringing a prophit to their community and family, will assist them in reaching the shiny golden gates of heaven.

I guess all the non-believers better prepare themselves foreternal damnation and lifetime of poverty.

-Molly Puzycki

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Grim Prospects for American Youth

According to economics professor and New York Times journalist Nancy Folbre, todays high school and college students are extremely susceptible to America’s current ecomonic woes. 

From Folbre’s article The Plight of Generation Un:

“Apart from the American Opportunity Tax Credit and modest increases in financial aid, public policy is not doing much to help young people from moderate- and low-income families who can’t find a job or afford the education they need to improve their chances of finding one.

When last reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in August, unemployment among those aged 16 to 24 was about 19 percent – unchanged from the previous year. Partly as a result, community college enrollments, already on an upward trend, have grown in the last two years. However, state budgets, already groaning under fiscal pressure, have been unable to provide additional support.”

It’s alarming to see that job prospects are so grim for the nation’s youth, and there doesn’t seem to be any signs of impending improvement.

Phillip Junno

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Texas Owners Meet, Discuss Fans and Economy

The National Sports Marketing Network North Texas Chapter gathered inside the American Airlines Center to discuss the economics and fanbase surrounding the Dallas-Fort Worth Area, according to ESPN Dallas-Fort Worth.

While the meeting got heated as they discussed selling tickets and broadcast rights, Eddie Gossage, President of Texas Motor Speedway, stated, “That giant sucking sound you hear is Cowboys Stadium. The Cowboys are sucking up all the money and making things more difficult.”

Matt Donia

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U.S. military bought overseas

In this article about Connecticut based Pratt & Whitney it was said that the United States requires only 50 percent of its military purchases be American-made products. This seems counter productive to our goal as a country to keep jobs in America. The government encourages corporations to not ship jobs overseas yet they allow up to 50 percent of their own military purchases to be bought outside of U.S. borders. If the government wants to help increase the economic levels in America than maybe they should start by looking at their own spending. Otherwise how can they be justified in asking others to do what they won’t?

Graig Hargraves

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Retail Sales on the Rise

This past holiday season was the most successful in the past 10 years. I found this interesting article explaining the recent increase. Retail and food sales rose from 0.3 percent in December to 7.8 percent in January.  Auto sales were excluded from this percentile.  Retailers are hoping to continue the increase in sales by customers redeeming their gift certificates at the stores.

-Jamie Lynn Thompson

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“You know what? Everybody’s going to be upset?”

Words here from Gov. Dannel Malloy on his proposed budget released Wednesday. At least he knows that the people of Connecticut aren’t pleased with his proposed $1.5 billion tax increase, extending to car washes, gas, non-prescription drugs, manicures, and more.

Allison Bernhard

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